AUKEY's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gaming Chair

aukey gaming chair


The gaming chair makes or breaks the gaming experience. 

But not all gaming chairs are made equal.

Some gaming chairs are better than others. 

Here are five factors to consider when getting a gaming chair in Singapore:  


  1. Comfort

For the most comfortable gaming experience, go with an ergonomically designed gaming chair. Ergonomic chairs are built to support the body, promote good posture, and prevent discomfort.

After all, you wouldn’t want to have backaches while gaming, would you?

aukey gaming chair

The AUKEY GC-A01 Ergonomic Gaming Office Computer PU Leather Chair comes with a winged back, additional headrest, and lumbar support to promote a more comfortable seating position while protecting your spine at the same time.


  1. Price 

The market price of a gaming chair is between S$150.00 and S$800.00. 

The AUKEY GC-A01 Ergonomic Gaming Office Computer PU Leather Chair is on sale at S$199.00, making it a steal.   


  1. Material 

Gaming chairs are made from a range of coating material. 

These include genuine leather (the most expensive models), artificial eco-skins (medium and budget variants), and different types of fabrics (found in practically all price segments).

aukey gaming chair

The AUKEY GC-A01 Ergonomic Gaming Office Computer PU Leather Chair is one such gaming chair manufactured from top-notch materials.

These include durable PU leather with precision stitching, dense shaping foam, a TUV certified class 4 gas-lift, a thickened steel frame, a heavy-duty wheelbase, as well as BIFMA certified racing casters. 

PU (polyurethane) leather is a multi-layer material, which contains cotton (base), genuine leather (middle) and an upper thin layer of polyurethane. 

It perfectly passes air, does not deform, is resistant to temperature fluctuations and has no foreign smell. 


  1. Assembly 

Some gaming chairs come pre-assembled, others require you to assemble them. 

Regardless of which option you prefer, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to spend hours assembling your gaming chair.

The AUKEY GC-A01 Ergonomic Gaming Office Computer PU Leather Chair allows for easy assembly with the detailed instruction manual included within.

You will be able to build it in minutes and begin gaming or working. 


  1. Adjustability

Adjustable gaming chairs are preferred as they accommodate different physical characteristics. 

These allow one to nail down a great fit with ease by adjusting the chair’s height and armrests. 

aukey gaming chair

An adjustable seat height of 10cm, a reclining backrest from 90° to 155°, 360° swivel, 7cm flip-up armrests, 300lb load capacity, and 5-point steel base of the Aukey GC-A01 Ergonomic Gaming Office Computer PU Leather Chair also provide comfort to the user. 

Final Words 

aukey gaming chair

Still unsure of which gaming chair to get? You can’t go wrong with Aukey's body-hugging GC-A01 Ergonomic Gaming Office Computer PU Leather Chair.