5 Power Banks to get in 2023 to Fuel Through Your Day

Whether you are an office lady, an influencer, or a student, a mobile phone is an essential item in our daily lives. Imagine heading out to meet your friends or clients, but your phone battery becomes flat and you cannot contact anyone. 

This is where a portable charger, or power bank, comes in handy. It helps to recharge and revitalise your phone at crucial moments and saves the day! 

2023 is the year of productivity and efficiency, so here are some power banks you can get to fuel your day! 

Choosing The Right Power Bank 

When it comes to purchasing power banks, there is something called mAh, which stands for Milliamp Hours. It is based on how long a battery will last when power is drawn constantly. For example, a 20000 mAh battery will power a device drawing 1000 mAh for 200 hours.

Aukey PB-N73/PB-N73S/PB-N73C Ultra Thin Portable Charger 10000mAH

This power bank is slim and smooth, which makes it comfortable to hold. 

Despite it being slim and sleek, it is still very powerful. It can charge an iPhone 11 Pro 2.6 times, iPad Air (2019) 0.9 times, or Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 1.8 times.

AUKEY PB-N83 Mini USB C Portable Charger Black 10000mAh

If you are someone who prefers to travel light, this option is for you. This 10000mAh portable charger is compact and can fit into your palm. 

Despite its small size, it has a high-speed charging function and supports up to 20W PD. You can charge an iPhone 12 to over 50% in just 30 minutes. There is also a dual charging function that offers USB-C at one end and USB-A at the other. This means that you can kill two birds with one stone and charge two devices if you have to! 

Aukey PB-WL03 20000mAh PD22.5W 

For those who enjoy watching Netflix on your phones, it is probably the main reason why your battery is being drained out. 

With this power bank, you can charge your phone and watch your favourite show thanks to the foldable stand at the power bank. It conveniently charges your device without connecting a cable. 

On top of that, it has a high capacity of 20,000mAh which can charge about five times for a Samsung Galaxy S10 and more than four times for an iPhone 11.

Aukey PB-Y37 20000mAh 65W PD Powerbank

Are you someone who charges your phone frequently throughout the day—which can be too much sometimes?

This power bank has built-in safeguards that protect your devices against excessive current, overheating and overcharging. 

On top of that, it uses high-speed charging and you can charge your device up to four times faster than conventional charging.

Aukey PB-N74S 20000MAH Basix Plus 22.5W Powerbank Portable Charger

This is the charger that you should get as it has a large capacity of three inputs and three outputs. Not only can you charge your iPad or iPhone, you can also charge small gadgets like wireless earbuds, fitness bands, and smartwatches. 

With its 20000mAh Massive Capacity, you can charge your phone for 4.5 charges for an iPhone 12!

With that, this is a list of the best power banks you can get according to your needs.