5 Reasons Why You Should Get AUKEY's Latest Gaming Chairs

 Affordable Ergonomic Gaming Chair

PSA to all gamers and the work-from-home crowd! Find yourself experiencing backaches, neck pains, or feeling general discomfort after your long hours of gaming through the night or sitting through boring presentations on Zoom?

Well, if it is not your poor sitting posture, then the problem is definitely your chair.

But why torture your body with an uncomfortable chair when you can easily upgrade to an ergonomic gaming chair for a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience?

What is a Gaming Chair?

Compared to most normal WFH chairs, gaming chairs are a significant upgrade. Designed specially with ergonomic features to deliver ultimate comfort for hardcore gamers who are used to long hours of sitting at a go, gaming chairs are easily some of the most comfortable chairs around.

Find that many gaming or ergonomic chairs are out of your budget due to their astronomical price tags? Not to worry, we got you at AUKEY with our signature ergonomic gaming chairs at an incredibly affordable price of $269. And you can choose from two sleek black and grey designs.

Need a little more convincing? Here’s how AUKEY’s gaming chairs can benefit you whether you plan to use them for gaming or work purposes:


Ergonomic Design

Get ready to bid goodbye to a sore back, neck, and shoulders for good. Our ergonomically designed GC-A01 and GC-A02 chairs come with a suite of features that help you get into and stay in a healthy seating position even if you are seated for hours:

  • An adjustable headrest helps to provide much-needed support for the back of the head and neck, relieving all the tension that tends to give you those pesky shoulder and neck pains.
  • Adjustable armrests that allow you to rest your arms and reduce tension in the upper torso
  • The reclining backrest (that allows recline from 90 to 155 degrees) lets you find the most comfortable angle to take off pressure from your lower spine and back muscles.
  • Adjustable backrest lumbar support that provides optimal support for the natural curvature of your lower back and helps prevent poor posture.
  • And many more.


Adjustable Features

As everyone has a different body shape and size, it makes no sense that one chair can provide optimum comfort to all. That is unless it comes with adjustable features that allow the chair to adjust the critical support features to help ensure maximum comfort.

The GC-A01 and GC-A02 are as customizable as it gets, with a variety of easily adjustable features:

  • Adjustable seat heights of up to 10cm allow you to find the optimum level where your feet can touch the ground comfortably
  • Armrests can flip up if you want them out of your way, or be adjustable up to 15 degrees outwards to suit your arm posture
  • Full 360-degree swivel that provides ultimate manoeuvrability without much effort
  • Adjustable headrests, backrests, and lumbar support as mentioned above, allows one to find their most comfortable sitting position


Premium & Durable Materials

Even at this affordable price point, the AUKEY gaming chairs come with comparable premium and durable materials that you would see in chairs twice its price.

With dense shaping foam, covered with durable PU leather (water and stain-resistant), complete with precision stitching, the GC-A01, and GC-A02 give off high-end gaming chair vibes – without the same scary price tag.

Exterior aside, the structure of the gaming chair is built with durable components like a heavy-duty wheelbase, BIFMA certified racing casters, TUV certified class 4 gas-lift, enhanced steel frame, that will stand the test of time and your intensive use.


Design That is Easy on The Eyes

While many popular gaming chairs come in loud and garish colours that may not always blend well into your existing home interior, the GC-A01 and GC-A02 have opted for a more understated colour palette.

With a neutral black and grey finish, the AUKEY gaming chairs exude class and sophistication, a welcome addition to any work-from-home office or professional gaming setup.


Easy Assembly

You don’t need to be an expert to put together an AUKEY gaming chair. Each chair comes with an easy-to-follow installation manual. Trust us when we say your new chair will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Still not a fan of DIY installation? Not to worry, our AUKEY team offers an affordable installation service at $40 per chair, so you can receive it perfectly assembled and ready to use.

Ready For Your Chair Upgrade?

Head over to AUKEY and choose from the GC-A01 (Grey) or GC-A02 (Black) gaming chairs today!