USB-C Hub: Benefits of a 5-In-1 Hub With Wireless Charging!

USB C Hub Macbook

With each new tech upgrade, it is getting increasingly common to see our familiar (and essential!) ports like USB-A, ethernet, and HDMI slowly getting replaced by its slimmer counterpart the USB-C on our laptops.

For many of us juggling multiple electronic devices that need to be connected, USB-C hubs are now the most elegant solution available on the market to allow us to get our flexibility back!


What is a USB-C Hub?

For the uninitiated, a USB-C hub is essentially a portable gadget that plugs into a single USB-C port on your device and has multiple other ports which allow you to then connect to and power peripheral devices (e.g., tablet, external keyboard, mouse, etc.) and displays (e.g., external monitor).

In short, it’s a super handy device that provides you access to all types of ports that you need when you need them.


Introducing the CB-C70 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Hub & Its Benefits!

Instead of a regular multi-port hub, the CB-C70 stands out from the crowd because of its additional feature – the ability to charge devices wirelessly! Perfect for those new Qi-compatible devices.

But that is not all, here are some of its many benefits to consider:


4 Ports + Wireless Charging for Multi-tasking Pros

Now that many of us are working from home and have probably set up a full workstation with external peripherals like extra monitors and more, this USB-C hub is the perfect solution to all the crazy connections you need for your setup.

With just one USB connection, it offers you a connection to 4 other ports which include a 60W PD USB-C port, a HDMI port, and two other USB 3.0 ports. And not forgetting its wireless charging pad that enables you to simultaneously charge your device as well.


Super-Speed Data Transfer

Ever find yourself frustrated when data is transferring super slowly from one device to the next? Save yourself the trouble next time when you use the CB-C70. With two USB 3.0 ports that can support super-quick data transfer up to 5Gbps, you will no longer have to wait endlessly for your files to transfer.


Fast Charging Speeds

If connectivity is not your main priority, the CB-C70 is also a great charging hub.

Apart from its main USB-C PD port which delivers 60W Power delivery that can keep even your workhorse laptops fully charged, its wireless charging pad is also able to charge your compatible devices with its 10W wireless fast charging feature.


Great HDMI Output Resolution

Love your 4K displays? The CB-C70 is equipped with the right HDMI output resolution that will enable you to enjoy the same stunning HD experience whether you choose to extend or mirror your screen to your favourite HD TV, monitor, or even projector!


Start Multi-tasking Efficiently Today with AUKEY’s CB-C70!

Find the CB-C70 5-in-1 wireless charging USB-C hub a useful addition to your workstation at home? Wait no more and get yours now over on AUKEY’s online shop today!