Wireless Power Banks: How Do They Work?

 Wireless Power Bank Charging

Like every good electronic product, there must be improvements and advancements over the years. For the power bank, its latest evolution since its advent in 2001, comes in the form of wireless charging or rather a wireless power bank!

But how exactly does it work without wires? How does electricity flow from the power bank to our devices if there’s no wire to transfer it? Well, that’s what we plan to share with you in this article!


Introduction to Qi Wireless Charging

Qi wireless charging is a particular technology that allows wireless power transfer through the principle of induction.

As of 2020, more than 500 mobile device companies like Apple and Samsung have since adopted this technology for their devices. This means that your latest electronic products from these companies are likely to be able to charge wirelessly. How awesome!


How Does It Works?

Keen to learn about the science behind it? Here’s a simple breakdown:

  1. Wireless chargers have coils of wires within the charging base.
  2. When the device is turned on, an alternating current (AC) runs through the coils creating a magnetic field.
  3. When your phone is placed onto the charging base, this magnetic field then stimulates an AC to be generated within your phone, which is converted into a direct current that charges the battery.


Benefits of AUKEY’s Qi Wireless Charging Power Banks

Wondering why you should consider a wireless power bank like AUKEY’s PB-WL03 model? Here are some benefits that might make you a fan:


No more losing wires and reducing wear and tear

If you are guilty of always misplacing your charging cables, damaging them by plugging and unplugging them and causing wear and tear to the ports, then wireless charging is definitely for you.

Without wires, you don’t have to worry about losing them or having them become less effective over time.


Built-in safeguards against excessive charging

No more worries about overcharging or overheating your devices. With Qi wireless charging technology, your wireless charging base will automatically switch over to standby mode once your device is fully charged.


Charge while using without harming your phone

Want to use your phone while charging? Now you can with the convenience of wireless charging! Our AUKEY PB-WL03 model even has a flip-out stand and phone rest that enables you to support your phone for a hands-free experience while it is being charged. How convenient!


Dual charging with wireless and wired options

Since wireless charging can sometimes take longer than wired counterparts for charging due to less efficient technology, the AUKEY PB-WL03 model comes with the best of both worlds – a power bank that can be used for both wireless and wired charging!

For the wired charging option, it even comes with super-quick charging output which is up to 4 times faster than most convention chargers.

And did we mention that you can charge TWO devices at once?


Love the idea of a dual-function power bank? Head over to our online store to get yours today!