How to Decide if You Should Get a Mini-Projector or a Full-Size Projector

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What's a Mini Projector? 

A mini-projector (or also known as a pico projector) is a small, portable, battery-operated projector designed to project content from your phone or laptop. 

There are two technologies that power most Pico Projectors: DLP and LED.

DLP, or Digital Light Projection, uses a combination of mirrors and color wheels to cleverly generate an image which is then projected by the power of a bulb.

In an LED (Light Emitting Diode) projector, the image is first generated on a liquid crystal display inside the projector then beamed out with an LED light source.

These technologies are interchangeable for the purposes of discussing Pico projectors, except that LED projectors are usually cheaper and more power-efficient while offering less brightness.

What's the Difference Between a Mini-Projector and a Full-Size Projector?

1. Portability

A mini-projector is more portable than a full-size projector as it is lighter, with the average mini-projector weighing 1kg compared to a full-size projector at 3-5kg.

aukey mini-projector

Contrary to popular belief, a mini-projector is also ceiling-mountable.  

2. Price

A mini-projector is cheaper than a full-size projector as a mini-projector contains components that were initially designed for smartphones.

A mini-projector costs less than S$200 whereas a full-size projector starts from S$400 and can even go up to S$8,500 for the most premium models.

3. Image Resolution

Full-size projectors are recommended when you are looking for maximum image size at the best quality, and not just compared to mini projectors but to TVs as well. 

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While you may not get as crisp of an image for a mini-projector, but it should be bright and large enough for midsized classrooms or conference rooms.

4. Sound

Traditional projectors typically have inputs for external speakers and surround sound audio quality.

That said, most models also have built-in speakers as an alternate audio output.

Most portable projectors offer built-in sound through Bluetooth or wired connections.

In addition, some portable projectors offer wireless headphone connectivity.

5. Battery Life 

Full-size projectors have a long battery life, with average batteries of projectors in the market lasting between 90 minutes and 2.5 hours.

Mini-projectors don't have as lengthy as a battery life, with most lasting 60 minutes. 

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Lamp life-wise, there is no significant difference between that of a full-size projector and a mini-projector.

An average bulb or a projector lamp has a lifespan of approximately 30,000 hours. 

Where Can I Get a Mini-Projector From? 

AUKEY has LED mini-projectors for sale. 

AUKEY's mini projectors are all Wi-Fi compatible with screen syncing functionality. They can support iOS & Android mirroring by using Wi-Fi.