What Types of Sit-Stand Desks Are There and Which Should You Get?

What's a Sit-Stand Desk?

A sit/stand desk is one that allows the user to alternate between sitting and standing by being able to lower or raise the work (desk) platform.

There are generally four main types of sit stand desks – manual sit stand desks, electric sit stand desks, standing desk converters and portable standing desks. 

Manual Sit-Stand Desk

manual standing desk

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Manual sit to stand desks are desks that use a handle to wind a desk up to shift from a sitting height to a standing height.

Whether or not a desk is motorised is an important consideration as constantly shifting between heights, as recommended, can involve a lot of winding.

Manual standing desks are great for people who want a budget-friendly sit-to-stand option, don't mind physically adjusting the desk and don't move from seated to standing very often.

Electric Standing Desk

electric standing desk

An electric standing desk is a desk typically powered by precision linear motor drives that easily changes height with the press of a button.

Most power standing desks have either a brushed motor or a brushless motor. 

This small DC (direct current) motor is activated by a controller to raise, stop, or lower the desk column(s).

An electric standing desk typically involves the least effort when it comes to adjusting its height and produces the least amount of noise. 

Standing Desk Converters

standing desk converter

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Instead of adjusting the entire desk height, a standing desk converter has two platforms; the lower platform is for your mouse and keyboard and the upper platform is for your laptop or monitor screen.

Sit to stand desk converters raise your monitor, keyboard and mouse, whereas the entire desk moves up and down with standing desks.

Portable Standing Desks

portable standing desk

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A movable standing desk allows you to either transport it from one building to the next, or is so easily movable that with minimal effort, you can take it from one position to the next. 

Some of these come with wheels or ballers to facilitate movement. 

Final Words

Each type of sit-stand desk comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

But if you were hard-pressed to pick one, our advice is to go with an electric standing desk.

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