Introducing the Latest Affordable Mini Projector in Singapore Under $200

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Looking to level up your home entertainment experience without breaking the bank? We got the perfect solution for you – a home projector! Before you exclaim that home projectors in Singapore are all pricey and out of reach, hold up as we introduce you to AUKEY’s latest product – the RD-860 Wireless Mini Projector!

Priced at an unbelievably affordable price point under $200, you will be surprised to learn that the RD-860 from AUKEY comes with all the features you need for an amazing movie or game night at home!

Keen to learn more about this value-for-money home projector before you break out your wallet? Read on for a deep dive into the amazing features of the AUKEY RD-860 Mini Projector.

Large & Vivid Display

When it comes to projectors, most people would place a big emphasis on the display. That is why the RD-860 Projector offers a stunning viewing display of up to 120” image size. Now you have the space of a full 3 metre wall for you to project a movie, photo slideshow or even a football game!

Worried that the images or videos will not translate well? The RD-860’s specifications of 1080p resolution, 6000 Lux image brightness, and contrast ratio of 2000: 1, which are higher than similarly priced mini projectors, means it delivers a comparatively vibrant and better contrast display for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Stream Video & Audio Seamlessly

Love the convenience of streaming your video and audio from your mobile devices directly to the projector? The RD-860 comes with equipped with this amazing smartphone screen sync feature (usually an add-on for other brands of projectors), for you to enjoy your mobile experience on a bigger and better display with ease.

Whether you are looking to stream your YouTube videos, share your Spotify playlist or immerse yourself fully in a “larger than life” game of mobile legends, you can easily do so with the RD-860’s screen sync feature. All at the touch of a button to set up.

Note: iOS devices are supported via Apple iOS Aircast, whereas Android devices are supported via Miracast, and other similar Wi-Fi direct broadcast services.

Compatible With Multiple Devices

Don’t be fooled by the small frame of the RD-860! Not only does it do the basics of being able to connect to the typical iPhone or Android mobile phone and PC or laptop set up, but it is also able to use a wide range of AV sources due to its comprehensive compatibility across devices.

Here’s a whole list of devices you can hook the RD-860 to for an immersive entertainment system at home:

  • Camera or flash disk – To showcase images, videos, or documents straight from the source.
  • TV box or TV Stick – To stream any shows you can dream of.
  • DVD player – Want to enjoy a Blu-ray movie in its full glory? Plug it straight in!
  • PS3 / PS4 – For taking your gaming experience to the next level.
  • External Speakers – To further enhance your audio experience

It even comes with a HDMI cable and mini-AV to 3 RCA adapter cable for all your typical connectivity needs.

Super Easy to Set Up

And most importantly, it is incredibly easy to set up – even complete technology noobs will be able to handle this!

The user-friendly UI allows you to quickly centre, focus, and adjust your display to your liking. It is as simple as setting it up on the table and connecting your device to get your entertainment for the day (or night) going! 

Get Your Amazing Mini Projector from AUKEY Today!

Amazed by the suite of features that comes with this affordable mini projector? Wait not more and head over to AUKEY’s website to get yours now before the deal runs out!