Pros & Cons of Wireless Charging Power Banks

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Fun fact: Did you know that the number of smartphones with wireless charging features has already crossed the one-billion mark since last year?

With more savvy consumers eager to adopt the latest cutting-edge charging technology, it is little wonder that wireless charging devices, like wireless charging power banks, are all the rage today.

Wondering if you should make the switch from your trusty wired power bank to the latest tech? Let us help break down the pros and cons for you before you make your purchase!

How Do Wireless Charging Power Banks Work?

Curious about how a power bank can charge up your smartphone or other wireless-enabled devices without the traditional wire?

Without getting into the nitty-gritty science behind it, wireless chargers essentially utilize multiple coils of wires inside the charging base to generate an electromagnetic field when current is passing through it.

This magnetic field in turn causes a current to be generated in the device that needs to be charged. And viola, enough electricity is generated to charge up the device’s battery!

Looks like magic, but with lots of complex science behind it!

Advantages of Wireless Charging Power Banks

No Wires

Look ma, no wires! This is THE ultimate advantage of a wireless charging power bank for people who have the habit of misplacing their charging wires all the time.

With the wireless charging feature, all you need is a fully juiced-up power bank, and you are ready to charge.

Compatibility Across More Devices

Ever found a power bank and wire only to realize that the port is incompatible with the device you want to charge?

Say goodbye to the frustration of figuring out whether you need a USB-C or USB-A port and more with the widely compatible Qi wireless charging technology.

With more than 500 smartphone companies (yes, including the big leagues like Apple and Samsung) adopting this technology across their latest devices, it means that you can charge ANY Qi-enabled devices with the same wireless charging power bank.

Less Wear and Tear to Your Device Ports

No wires also mean less wear and tear to your ports.

Every time you insert and remove your charging cables exposes your device to potential damage – from frictional wear and tear, the introduction of dirt, and even potential corrosion when exposed to wet or damaged cables.

Want your ports to last longer? Switching over to wireless charging is a no-brainer.

Looks Cool

No one thought that power banks could look cool, until the advent of wireless power banks! Fussing around with clunky wires is just not as cool.

Disadvantages of Wireless Charging Power Banks

Device Has to Stay on Charging Pad to Charge

Due to the wireless charging technology behind, the device must stay on the charging pad to be continuously charged.

If you are someone who enjoys using your phone while charging, then this may not be suitable for you. With a wired power bank, you can at least use it while it’s tethered to the power bank, but not with a wireless one.

It Has to Be Perfectly in Position to Charge

Unlike a wired power bank where you know that your device is charging as long as the cable is connected and turned on, devices need to be perfectly positioned in a specific orientation to be charged.

This is because there needs to be a precisely aligned orientation between the transmitter and the receiver of the magnetic field to generate the electrical current.

The good news? Many new companies are coming up with solutions for this challenge – from snap-on technology to helping you get in the right position all the time and more.

Takes a Little Longer Than Wired Charging

Compared to wired charging which is 100% efficient, wireless charging is up to 80% efficient, meaning some of the power is lost while transmitting electromagnetically.

This results in a slower charging process thus far. However, with improvements to the technology over time, this gap is expected to reduce significantly.

Still Can’t Decide If a Wireless Charging Power Bank is For You?

Can’t decide if the cool advantages of a wireless charging power bank are worthwhile to making the switch from your trusty old wired one?

Well, who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

At AUKEY, we brought the best of both worlds together in our wireless power bank – the PB-WL02.

This amazing power bank not only comes with the latest Qi-wireless charging technology but also offers the familiar USB wired charging options too! That’s not all, it comes with a dual leg stand so that you can continue watching your shows while you wirelessly charge it.

This way you don’t have to make the hard choice of giving up one for the other. Instead, you can now switch between them whenever and wherever you like.