Power Bank: Should You Charge Them Before Using for The First Time?

 Power Bank Charging iPhone


Just got your very first power bank for your smartphone or other precious electronic devices? Congrats! You are on your way to never having to worry about your inseparable devices going dead on you.

But wait! Before you get excited and start using it straight from the box, let us answer one of the most common questions we get from customers when they purchase our popular AUKEY power banksDo we need to charge our power bank before using it for the first time?

For those who are too lazy to read through the article, here is a quick answer.

Yes, you should always charge your power bank fully before using it for the first time – even when it comes partially charged straight out of the box to ensure you get the most out of the first use!


How To Charge Your Power Bank Fully for The First Time?


Most power banks tend to come with a charging cable but not a wall charger, so make sure you have one on hand to charge up your power bank when you first receive it.

Why a wall charger and not a USB port from say your laptop? Because wall ports provide higher current output and will be able to charge your power bank more quickly so you can get to using it.

One of the most important things to take note of when charging for the first time is to ensure you do not overcharge. Always check your manual to ensure what is the full charging time for the power bank and make sure not to exceed that.

If you are using an AUKEY power bank, you don’t have to worry about this as they come with lithium batteries which will automatically stop charging when it’s full.  If not, make sure to always monitor the LED indicators that signal battery level to ensure it doesn’t stay at the last indicator for too long.

Need a power bank that supports fast recharging? Check out our PB-Y37 model that can be fully charged in under 2 hours (using 45W input).


Power Bank Care Tips for First-Time Users

Now that you can get started on using your power bank, don’t forget to follow some of these simple care tips to ensure it can stay in tip-top condition for a long time:

  • Avoid letting your power bank drain all the way to 0%
  • If you are not using it, make sure to take it out to recharge every month or two to ensure it doesn’t drain to 0%, or better yet, use it regularly.
  • Keep it away from high temperatures – 25 – 30 degrees Celsius is a good temperature to store or use it


Introducing the AUKEY PB-Y37 Fast Recharging Power Bank!

Keen on getting a power bank that allows you to charge up quickly for the first use? Why not consider our fast-recharging power bank – The AUKEY PB-Y37.

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