Top 10 Power Banks for All Your Charging Needs in 2022

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Looking for a power bank to power up your devices in 2022? Look no further. Our team at AUKEY combed through our wide collection of power banks and have rounded up 10 of the best in their respective categories!

Whatever your needs, we’re confident you can find an AUKEY power bank that will fit your needs perfectly!

Read on to find out which are our top recommendations for 2022.


Our Top 10 Power Bank Recommendations


Best Power Bank with A Kickstand

The AUKEY PB-WL02 power bank is our go-to choice for anyone who loves the idea of being able to enjoy shows hands-free even while you are charging your device – thanks to a convenient dual-legged stand that allows you to prop up your phone easily.

That’s not all, it also comes with not one but two fast charging ports, and can charge Qi-compatible devices wirelessly too!


Best Fast Charging Power Bank

Often find yourself feeling impatient while waiting for the standard power bank to charge up your device? Here’s a power bank that will win you over – the AUKEY PB-Y37, a super-fast charging power bank for the time-pressed individual.

With a quick charge 3.0 port that enables charging that is up to 4 times faster than standard power banks and 65W power to allow you to charge anything from a low-current device to high powered notebooks, it is easily one of our fan favourites.


Best Ultra-Thin Power Bank

Weighing only 233g and a mere thickness of 16 mm (about the thickness of two iPhone 13), the AUKEY PB-N73C is easily one of the thinnest power banks we have in the collection.

But that’s not the only reason why it is our favourite. Even within its slim frame, the PB-N73C comes jam-packed with useful features like a built-in USB-C cable, high-speed charging, and two charging ports!


Best Mini Portable Power Bank

If slimness is not enough, and you require a power bank with an even smaller footprint, then the AUKEY PB-N83S is the next best choice after the PB-N73C!

For a power bank that is even smaller than a credit card, it does a great job at charging a wide range of USB-C devices, comes with quick charging functionality, and is equipped with the necessary safety features as with all AUKEY power banks.


Best Switch-compatible Power Bank

When it comes to Switch-compatible power banks, we are torn between two favourites. Just to be clear, not all power banks can charge your switch console, so make sure to check if your choice of power bank ticks off the 3 must-have criteria.

Read more on our article: Can You Charge a Nintendo Switch with A Power Bank?

Both the AUKEY PB-Y37 and the PB-Y36 fulfils the above criteria – differing mainly in their size (The PB-Y36 weighs half the size), battery capacity (The PB-Y37 has double the capacity), and the number of ports (the PB-Y37 comes with 2 instead of 1).


Best Huawei-compatible Power Bank

While most AUKEY power banks do come with broad compatibility, allowing you to charge almost most electronic devices, the AUKEY PB-T18 comes with a bonus feature for Huawei users!

Of the two ports in the PB-T18, one of them supports the Huawei Fast Charging Protocol, allowing you to charge up your Huawei device much faster than normal. Something to take note of if you are a Huawei device user!


Best Power Bank for Low Charging Devices

Ever wondered why the power bank you use to charge your mobile phone is unable to charge your fitness trackers or other small electronic devices? These low-charging devices are charged differently from their larger counterparts.

As a result, if you plan to use your power bank for both your mobile phone and low-charge devices, then make sure to get one with a low charging mode like the AUKEY PB-Y39.


Best Power Bank for Charging Large Devices

Large electronic devices, compared to small ones like our mobile phones, consume more energy and require larger charges.

Check out our article “How To Buy the Best Power Bank for You?” to understand the differences in requirements.

However, if you plan to charge large devices like your laptop, as well as small devices, then the most compatible power bank for all your needs would be the PB-Y24.


Best Power Bank for Multi-Device Charging

This is for the multi-taskers. Need to charge more than 1 device with your power bank at any one time? While most power banks tend to come with 1 or at most 2 charging ports, the AUKEY PB-N73S beats them all with its 3 charging ports (2 USB-A and 1 USB-C)

It comes with Power delivery and quick charge features so you don’t have to worry that your charging will slow down just because of more devices.


Best Power Bank for Travels

Okay, technical this is not just a power bank. What we are recommending here is the AUKEY TK-1 3 in 1 Travel essentials kit – a must-have for any savvy traveller.

Containing a travel adapter that is compatible in more than 150 countries, a handy 3-in-1 cable for micro-USB, USB-C, and Lightning connectors, and the PB-XN5 5000 mAh power bank –  the kit has everything you need for your travels and more.