Wired Vs Wireless Earbuds: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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From bulky headphones (originally created for telephone operators) to wired earphones to the latest iteration of wireless earbuds, wearable audio technology has come a long way.

Nowadays, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to what type of portable audio accessories to pair with our electronic devices for listening to music, podcasts, or even taking calls on the go.

In this article, we put the debate between wired versus wireless earbuds to rest with a detailed breakdown of the pros and cons – so you can decide once and for all, which works best for your needs.


Wired Earphones: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Wired earphones are essentially audio accessories that connect to an audio device via a cable. Wondering what’s the case for an“older” technology in our modern world? Here are some of its pros and cons:


Pro: Better Sound Quality

One of the biggest reasons that modern audiophiles still reach out for wired earphones is because of the superior audio quality that they offer. After all, a wired connection provides a lot more stable and excellent sound quality via analog signals which handles data processing a lot better compared to digital signals.

If you are a true-blue music connoisseur who cannot compromise on sound quality, you will definitely appreciate the better quality that wired earphones offer compared to their wireless counterparts in the same price range. 

Pro: More Affordable

Compared to wireless earbuds which are equipped with newer and more advanced wireless technology, your trusty old, wired earphones almost always cost significantly lesser.

So, if you are on a budget, you can always find a cheap wireless earphone to replace your spoilt ones. 

Pro: Unlimited Playtime

Like listening to music for hours on end or having work meetings that go on forever? With wired earphones, the good news is that you are not limited by the battery life of your earbuds, since it is powered directly by your audio source.

As long as your device (be it a smartphone or laptop) has power, you can continue to enjoy your audio sessions. 

 Pro: Easy to Use

The fact that you can just plug and play your wired earphones into any compatible device and start using them without any issues makes it extremely convenient.

This is particularly the case for the elderly who may have issues using the different features (like Bluetooth) on a smartphone or tablet.

Con: Limits Movement

While the wired cable provides better audio quality, it does come with a significant downside where it can get in the way.

If you have used wired earphones while exercising or on the move, you will know that is not a good feeling to have.

Con: Tangles and Spoils Easily

Ever grabbed your earphones out of your pocket or bag and find them all tangled up in a huge messy ball? Or reached out for your earphones and realised that parts of the wire have frayed causing it to no longer work?

These are easily one of the biggest nuisances and annoyance when dealing with wired earphones.  They tangle and deteriorate easily, making it necessary to constantly replace them with new ones, and costing a lot more than if they had just got a wireless earbud from the start.

Con: Must Be Compatible with Port

Before when there was just a simple 3.5mm audio input port, all wired earphones were compatible with almost all electronic devices.

Now with the introduction of Lightning and USB Type C ports across different devices, you have to always make sure to check and get a compatible wire earphone or risk not being able to use it at all.

Wireless Earbuds: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Wireless earbuds, on the other hand, are the newer iteration of the wired earphones, sans the cable – thanks to amazing Bluetooth technology.

Pro: Freedom of Movement

Wireless technology is getting increasingly popular, thanks to the benefit of allowing people to use the device without worrying about the cable getting in the way.

Now with wireless earbuds, you can move around your home easily while enjoying music, take a call on the go, or even do intensive exercise workouts without worrying that the cable will get pulled out accidentally.

Pro: Compatible with Modern Devices

Unlike your wired earphones which come with specific audio connectors that must be compatible with the specific ports on the devices, the wireless counterparts can pair with almost any electronic device which has Bluetooth.

Furthermore, with the advancement of Bluetooth technology, more and more modern devices are increasingly phasing out audio jacks to save space. As such, in the future, newer devices may no longer have audio ports for wired earphones to connect with.

Pro: More Portable & Easier to Store

Without wires, wireless earbuds take up less space and can be stored easily and neatly (no tangling involved) in their little chargeable cases.

The storage cases also help to protect the earbuds from damage, so that you can use them for longer.

Con: Requires Charging

One of the biggest downsides of a wireless earbud is that it needs to be charged to be used.

But with improvements in technology, even basic wireless earbud models have a battery life of up to 5 hours (with additional charges provided via the charging cases), giving you more than enough playback time while on the go.

Con: More Costly?

Many comparisons say that wireless earbuds are more costly than their wired counterparts, but that is not usually the case when you compare feature for feature.

Here’s a quick apple to apple comparison:

Basic wired earphones (with no extra features) from Sony go for $13.90 to $29 while the basic EarPods at Apple go for $29.

In contrast, the most basic wireless earbuds from AUKEY (EP-T25) go for $26.90 but with the following features, IPX5 water resistance, single earbud mode, touch control, voice assistant, and more.

Now you tell me, which is a more value for money purchase?

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